About Ana Mauboussin

Born in Mexico, where she received much of her education as a therapist and trainer. She has lived and worked in France, Dubai and currently resides in Andorra.

Since taking her first class at the Mexican College of Massage, it has been Ana’s desire to share this deep gift with everyone. The fact of embarking on a path of self-knowledge, accompanying with dedication, intuitive nature and energy awareness, differentiates her from most therapists.

Her specialty lies in integrating these modalities to provide her clients with their own natural healing skills. Helping others is a very rewarding experience. Her training and experience include several modalities such as: facilitator of “Transformational Breath” (conscious breathing sessions that allow the natural healing process of all types of traumas), Abhyanga, aromatherapy, prenatal, LaStone therapy, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, massage Amma or Kobido massage, among others.

In addition, Ana also traveled through India, Thailand and Japan, where she received the traditional massages of each culture, learning to feel different meditation and relaxation techniques that she applies in her treatments.

My Experience

Currently | Owner and Founder
Amma Massages Bien Être, Andorra – Professional Massage Services

2018-2019 | Freelance Therapist
Hotel Sport Hermitage & Spa, Soldeu, Andorra

2018 | Massage Therapist (Per Season)
Andorra Park Hotel, Andorra

2012-2013 | Massage Therapist / First Private Assistant
Al Futtaim Comapany, Dubai

2010-2012 | Massage Therapist (Luxury Cruises)
Canyon Ranch Spa Club at sea (Regent, Oceania, Nautical)

2009-2010 | Private Massage Therapist (Facial & Body Treatments)
Casa Oliver Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2004-2008 | Student and Massage Instructor
Colegio Mexicano de Masajes, México

2001-2006 | Massage Therapist
Casa del Mar Hotel / Hilton Beach Golf Resort & Spa Los Cabos, B.C.S

What People Say About My Services

Ana, very professional in her field, shows that she has experience, analyses the origin of the problem and works on it. She helps you on a muscular, mental level (she is an open person and you can talk about everything) and recommends other places of interest to improve your case. 100% recommended. She combines relaxing music, special oils and most importantly knows what she does, knows the Anatomy, which is fundamental. Great masseuse and best person, humble.

Cristian Da Cunha, Physical Trainer CAFD, Andorra

After several days working on a high-profile project, my stress level was incredibly high. I met Ana for a massage and was not prepared to what was awaiting. My body was so tense, I thought I would simply relax a bit and take a break. What happened instead was incredible—I started to feel my muscles melt under each stroke of her massage. Her technique has no equal. I had numerous massages in my life but was speechless. I felt not only completely rejuvenated but also felt very much at peace. I want to see Ana every day for the rest of my life.

Alexandra Beucler, Los Angeles, USA

Ana successfully managed to combine softness and strength, not only through an excellent mastery of massage, but also through her personality. Little by little, I felt more relaxed and quickly, completely relaxed. A true moment of well-being that lasts much longer than the moment of massage. Because, a relaxed body is a healthy mind. Thank you Ana!

Laura Le Houerou, Chamonix, France

Your kindness and advice allowed me to see life in a different way; I will miss my appointments twice a week. Your massages, very selective and energetic. The "Tortures", as we baptized them, are the ones that have once again put me on my feet, to enjoy life. It is with difficulty that I see you leaving for a new destination, good luck Ana and thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the goodness you brought me.

Mme Martine Devouassoud, Chamonix, France

Our Massages

The Swedish Massage

One of the main objectives of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is achieved by rubbing the muscles with long movements in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. It simply gives you a true moment of relaxation.

  • Increases the level of oxygen in blood
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep
6060 min
8080 min
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Personalized Massage

Let’s pay special attention to your pains and focus on the areas that your body needs. The goal is to help eliminate its tensions and promote its care.

  • Breaks the scar tissue
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Reduces chronic pain
7060 min
8580 min
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Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage helps reduce fatigue of the muscles involved in athletic movements, removes toxins and unwanted wastes. It also helps the flow of blood and oxygen, thus promoting a much more efficient and healthy circulation.

  • Treats back pain
  • Rehabilitates the musculature
  • Decreases muscle toxins
7560 min
9080 min
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Abdominal Massage

It optimizes the functioning of the organs at the level of the pelvis, which relieves congestion and improves the flow of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, thus balancing the body’s energy level.

  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves constipation
  • Stimulates the internal organs
5045 min
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Future Mom

Your body adapts to the presence of a life that grows inside you and this adaptation requires a lot from your body. Massage favors blood and lymphatic circulation. It also helps reduce fatigue, especially in areas that are greatly affected by the change and weight of pregnancy.

  • Softens and relaxes the nervous system
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relieves joint pressure
6560 min
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It is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points on the sole of the foot, which correspond to the organs and glands of the body. The reflex circuit transmits a renewal of our internal environment: blood circulation and nerve communication generate relaxation and pain reduction from the first moment.

  • Increases the energy level
  • Removes toxins
  • Stimulates the nervous system
6060 min
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Hot Stone Massage

Geothermotherapy produces alternatively sedative and revitalizing responses to the body. “The stones are not only an instrument of massage, they also have spiritual energy and are a way of using the power of nature to nourish, heal and rebalance the balance that allows the body’s energies to obtain a deep sensation and relaxation.

  • Helps relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves the symptoms of autoimmune diseases
7060 min
8080 min
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Amma Massage

The AMMA massage uses the philosophy of Shiatsu and works through digital pressure, eliminating the effects of bad postures and the sedentary lifestyle of daily life. Relieves lumbar, cervical and dorsal tensions.

  • Increases organizational capacity
  • Promotes harmony between family and working life
  • Avoids contractures and headaches
  • Reduces physical, mental and emotional stress
  • Fights insomnia
1515 min
3030 min
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Amma Mobile

We offer a variety of mobile massage services that can be taken to any event or occasion. Whether it is a massage in the comfort of your home, a sporting event, a trade fair, your office, a yoga retreat, a conference or a convention, we have it covered!

Within this service, we offer relaxing chair massages that relieve stress and tension, making you feel completely relaxed and recharged.

For events, the duration of the chair massage sessions can vary from 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the number of participants), but, of course, the choice is yours.

We have several work modalities so you can choose the one that best suits your company, offering weekly or monthly sessions with a specific frequency for an event on a specific day or for a few hours.

Our Treatments

Our Facials

Stress, lifestyle, tobacco, pollution and other exogenous factors that already affect more than 90% of the world’s population, affect our skin epigenetics and this manifests directly in our appearance, creating a disruption of the skin and making us look much older than we are and even, in the worst case scenario, creating a skin problem, such as atopy. Kamakura anti-aging facial treatment acts epigenetically, abruptly normalizing our skin and returning it to its normal state in record time and after a single session, through genetic reprogramming.

Kamakura Ritual

Getting the facial skin purified, decongesting the lymphatic system, stimulating circulation and relieving muscle tension is the benefit of a kobido massage, which leaves the skin ready to receive nutrients from the oxygenating blister and the Thalàxia Antipollution veil. It is the basis of an ideal and healthy beauty treatment. This non-invasive, rejuvenating and very relaxing treatment is possible thanks to the Kamakura Ritual.

7570 min
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Facial Cleansing

A deep facial cleansing with Thalàxia is vital to take care of the health of the skin and ensure its well-being and youth. Its realization is based on the removal of impurities from the skin such as blackheads and dead cells to restore energy and health to the face.

  • A Deep Facial Cleanse
  • Remove Impurities from the Skin
  • Restore Energy & Health to the Face
6060 min
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Our Body Treatments

Fluid retention appears in certain physiological situations or endogenous factors: pregnancy, menopause, diseases of certain organs such as the liver, kidney, heart; and in the case of everyday factors: stress, intake of oral contraceptive medications, corticosteroids, climatic factors or sedentary lifestyle, among others.

This problem manifests itself through inflammation of the soft tissues due to the accumulation of fluids, which can cause a feeling of heaviness, discomfort and even pain.

Drainage Treatment

Through the body brushing technique, we prepare your skin by removing dead cells and leaving a clean skin, to receive the benefits of the Thalàxia drainage booster consisting of pure assets that complement an epigenetic treatment with proven effects to act as:

  • Draining
  • Better blood circulation
  • Improvement of heaviness in legs (-24%)
  • Reaffirming
  • Antioxidant and refreshing
6560 min
60010 appointments
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Modeling Treatment

One of the aesthetic problems suffered by one in nine women is cellulite, which manifests itself in different ways and is usually associated with health problems or disorders.

Cellulite (lipodystrophy) is a malformation of fatty tissue, a cellular alteration that increases the volume of adipocytes, an associated poor blood circulation, as well as worsening the lymphatic system.

Through the body brushing technique, we prepare your skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving a clean skin, to receive the benefits of the modeling booster of Thalàxia, which consists of active with proven effects to act as:

  • Anticellulite (up to -1,4 cm circumference in 15 days and -2,9 cm in 28 days)
  • Reducer
  • Orange peel remover
  • Dermal protector
6560 min
60010 appointments
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Reaffirming Treatment

Flaccidity is a problem that can affect the skin or muscle losing tone and vitality. Over the years and with the weight changes, pregnancy, low protein intake, etc., the collagen and elastin fibers lose their tensile function and the skin is discarded as a result of gravity.

Through the body brushing technique, we prepare your skin by removing dead cells and leaving a clean skin, to receive the benefits of the firming booster of Thalàxia is constituted by assets with proven effects to act as:

  • Silhouette shape
  • Antioxidant
  • Reaffirming, moisturizing, redensifying
6560 min
60010 appointments
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Jochuji Ritual

The Thalàxia zen-thalassotherapy ritual body treatment Jochiji (Kamakura temple known as “the temple of the 3 buddhas” where, in honor of this meaning, the treatment addresses the damage of the past in the present to prevent the future).

Atopic dermatitis, xerosis, scaly skin, acne, etc. are skin problems that lead to disorder and disruption of the epidermis, making it more permeable to irritating exogenous agents and even skin reacted to other normal factors. All of these cases lead to redness, inflammation, itching, peeling of the skin or dryness. The Zen booster contains assets that have effects tested to act as: calming, relaxing, helping to recover epidermal homeostasis (correcting the correct proliferation, differentiation and desquamation of the epidermis) normalizer of very unstructured skins.

  • Sebum regulation (-25%), significant reduction of acne
  • Hydration (+ 38%).
  • Skin uniformity (+ 55%)
  • Redness (-88%)
7560 min
70010 appointments
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Thalàxia by Elinné

Thalàxia has been created by Elinné thinking of bringing the sea to your skin, being the first line of professional cosmetics where all the water used is 100% sea water for all its cosmetic forms through a patented system, providing the effect of thalassotherapy in pure state.

Elinné has the most advanced epigenetic phytotechnology that combines effectiveness in beauty and skin health. Thalàxia reverses the sequelae of all skin types aged, punished, unstructured and with anomalies (such as atopy, xerosis, scaling skins …) with visibleand proven results from the first application.

Thalàxia, a green cosmetic free of added preservatives.

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December 2023

How To Find Us

À Domicile

For your convenience, we can come to your home. We will arrive ten minutes before your appointment with all the required equipment (massage table, towels, stones, oil, music, etc.).

We recommend you not to eat at least two hours before the massage and wear comfortable clothes.

Open Hours

Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Email: ana@ammamassages.com
Telephone: +376 67 80 80

Amma’s Place

We invite you to Carrer Josep Rosell 4, Casa Moynat, Local 2, La Massana AD400. Please arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment.

We recommend not eating at least two hours before the session and wearing comfortable clothes.

Please note, we do not have a card machine. You can pay for your appointment in-person with cash or via bank transfer.

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