About Amma Massages

Amma Massages Bien Être, located in the picturesque landscapes of Andorra, is a haven of tranquility dedicated to the holistic well-being of its clients.

Immerse yourself in a space of serenity, where the harmonious combination of soft lighting, relaxing aromas, and tranquil music creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Each treatment room is designed to transport you to your moment of calm, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We are two professionals committed to providing a personalized and professional experience. With a deep understanding of various massage techniques and a passion for holistic well-being, we ensure that each session is tailored to your unique needs.

Escape from the ordinary, embrace tranquility, and embark on a journey to well-being with Amma Massages Bien Être in the heart of La Massana.

Our Team

Ana Mauboussin

Ana Mauboussin, Masseuse and Trainer with over twenty years of experience, aims to impart fundamental teachings through her courses such as “The Foundations of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Tailored Massage.” The valuable lessons derived from her hands, having had contact with countless clients, each leaving a unique impression on her, are reflected in her approach and exceptional skills.

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Vanessa Fidalgo

Vanessa Fidalgo, Aromatherapist, and Massage Expert, invite you to explore the fascinating world of essential oils. On a journey towards the natural, she incorporates aromatherapy uniquely into your treatments as a versatile and natural tool that can enhance various aspects of our lives, from emotional well-being to physical health.

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Our Massages

The Swedish Massage

One of the main objectives of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is achieved by rubbing the muscles with long movements in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. It simply gives you a true moment of relaxation.

  • Increases the level of oxygen in blood
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep
7060 min
9080 min
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Personalized Massage

Let’s pay special attention to your pains and focus on the areas that your body needs. The goal is to help eliminate its tensions and promote its care.

  • Breaks the scar tissue
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Reduces chronic pain
7560 min
9580 min
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Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage helps reduce fatigue of the muscles involved in athletic movements, removes toxins and unwanted wastes. It also helps the flow of blood and oxygen, thus promoting a much more efficient and healthy circulation.

  • Treats back pain
  • Rehabilitates the musculature
  • Decreases muscle toxins
8060 min
10080 min
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Abdominal Massage

It optimizes the functioning of the organs at the level of the pelvis, which relieves congestion and improves the flow of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, thus balancing the body’s energy level.

  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves constipation
  • Stimulates the internal organs
5545 min
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Future Mom

Your body adapts to the presence of a life that grows inside you and this adaptation requires a lot from your body. Massage favors blood and lymphatic circulation. It also helps reduce fatigue, especially in areas that are greatly affected by the change and weight of pregnancy.

  • Softens and relaxes the nervous system
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relieves joint pressure
7060 min
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It is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points on the sole of the foot, which correspond to the organs and glands of the body. The reflex circuit transmits a renewal of our internal environment: blood circulation and nerve communication generate relaxation and pain reduction from the first moment.

  • Increases the energy level
  • Removes toxins
  • Stimulates the nervous system
6060 min
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Hot Stone Massage

Geothermotherapy produces alternatively sedative and revitalizing responses to the body. “The stones are not only an instrument of massage, they also have spiritual energy and are a way of using the power of nature to nourish, heal and rebalance the balance that allows the body’s energies to obtain a deep sensation and relaxation.

  • Helps relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves the symptoms of autoimmune diseases
8060 min
10080 min
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Amma Massage

Amma means “soothing with the hands” in Japanese, this massage is based on Shiatsu philosophy, a series of precise movements following the meridians and acupuncture points on the back. Sitting comfortably on an ergonomic chair that facilitates the massage and there’s no need to undress.

  • Special for people with reduced mobility.
  • Relieves lumbar, dorsal, and cervical tensions.
  • Improves body posture.
4530 min
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Feelings Massage

Applying the 6 Feelings® synergies, with the crystal’s stones for each chakra, restoring its balance and harmony. This massage is designed to free the body, mind & soul from physical and emotional blockages.

  • Balances and realigns the body’s energy centers.
  • Relaxing, renewing, and harmonizing the body, mind & spirit.
9075 min
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Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique by Young Living

This technique uses a combination of 9 authentic essential oils and a soft feather-like movements, combined with a Vita Flex foot massage, making this a unique and deeply harmonious therapy, to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind.

  • Relieves tension and fatigued muscles.
  • Promotes the immune and digestive system.
  • Creates feelings of peace and a renewed spirit.
8060 min
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Lymphatic Drainage

Slow, repetitive, and very soft hand movements following the direction of the lymphatic fluids, helps to drain the toxins derived from a poor lymph circulation. A painless massage, that usually has a pleasant and relaxing effect.

  • Contributes to improving the immune system.
  • Enhances the skin’s appearance by addressing cellulite or acne.
  • Reduces fluid retention, regulating muscle tone.
5045 min
8580 min
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Duo Massage

Stop the time! and enjoy a massage with your favorite person. Indulge in your preferred massage technique, whether it’s Swedish, tailored, or deep tissue – each designed to cater to your unique preferences.

  • Strengthens bonds.
  • Quality time together.
  • An unforgettable experience.


15060 min
19080 min

Deep Tissue

17060 min
21080 min
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Amma Mini

MY FIRST MASSAGE (6 months to 14 years)

Let them know how special they are, with a relaxing full-body massage and essential oils specially dosed for them. Whether the goal is relaxation, mental clarity, or alleviating any discomfort, our youngest clients can enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation, fostering the restoration of their balance and harmony.

  • Massage promotes muscle growth and helps to relieve pain.
  • Better body awareness helps with movement and coordination.
  • Promotes their social integration and confidence.
3030 min
5555 min
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Courses & Workshops

We are pleased to announce that at Amma Massages, we not only offer exceptional treatments but also provide workshops and courses designed to elevate your massage experience to a higher level. Join these enriching experiences and discover the secrets underlying the foundations of traditional and personalized massage techniques. We also invite you to explore the fascinating world of essential oils.

We have extensive practical knowledge that, over the years, has transformed into profound wisdom. With pride, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the journey to well-being.

Get information about our courses and workshops to explore the art of massage and discover the benefits of aromatherapy. We invite you to join us on this journey!

Our Treatments

Breathing Session

It is rooted in the re-education of our respiratory rhythm. All our physical and emotional challenges stem from energy imbalances. If left unaddressed, these imbalances can escalate, even giving rise to new issues. Therefore, by optimizing oxygenation to your brain, you elevate your consciousness and innate drive for improvement. In essence, this process allows your internal strength and self-confidence to clearly define who you truly are.

  • Release unprocessed emotions.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Expansion of consciousness and connection with your higher being.
7060 min
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Clay Back Renewal

This treatment commences with the application of clay, leveraging its anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate tension. Simultaneously, you’ll experience a cranial massage and a Vita Flex, reflex points on the feet. The session concludes with a firm pressure massage on the back, neck, and shoulders, providing a profound sense of well-being.

  • Dissipates back pain and discomfort.
  • Stimulation of circulation, ideal before and after a trip.
  • Enhances the skin’s appearance, by addressing cellulite or acne.
7560 min
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Sculptwood Body Wellness

Using wooden instruments, we perform precise and toning movements to help redefine the body contour, reducing adipose tissue in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and hips, by eliminating fluid retention, shaping, and firming these areas separately. It is perfect for people with circulation problems, muscle ailments, tired legs or it can also be done as a relaxation technique to reduce stress levels.

  • From the first session, you will be able to feel its benefits.
  • Perfect for after an intense workout.
  • Recommended in 5 or 10 sessions for greater effectiveness.
8060 min
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New Moon Scrub

Embrace a total renewal with the awakening of the moon. Begin with our handmade exfoliant, enriched with essential oils, designed to awaken your senses, and open the pores of your skin, followed with a hydrating and relaxing massage. Helps to fortify the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it soft and relaxed, ready for a fresh start.

  • Skin detoxification.
  • Elimination and regeneration of cells.
  • Unifies tone and improves skin texture.
7560 min
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Ocean Wrap

Indulge in an invigorating exfoliation of your choice to prepare your body for an enriched remineralizing and detoxifying seaweed mud wrap. This luxurious treatment leaves your skin deeply cleansed and stimulated. Experience tranquillity with an acupressure massage on the face and head, inducing a profound sensation of calm. The journey concludes with a full-body massage, incorporating a blend of authentic essential oils to tone and nourish your skin, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation and restoration.

  • Seaweed is a source of vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants.
  • Nourishes, hydrates, and detoxifies, eliminating toxins and remodelling the silhouette.
  • Reduces joint pain and increases microcirculation.
10075 min
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What People Say About My Services

From the first day, three years ago, I have never experienced a massage as exceptional as Ana's. Her skill and dedication are unparalleled. My wife and I are regular clients, scheduling monthly sessions. Her impeccable service always provides us with an incomparable atmosphere of relaxation. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Eduard & Mireia Sáez

I have a profound appreciation for this exceptional massage therapist with skilled hands and contagious positive energy. It was an extraordinary experience that delivered relaxation and well-being. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Shangti Philippe, Contemporary Artist

Ana, very professional in her field, shows that she has experience, analyses the origin of the problem and works on it. She helps you on a muscular, mental level (she is an open person and you can talk about everything) and recommends other places of interest to improve your case. 100% recommended. She combines relaxing music, special oils and most importantly knows what she does, knows the Anatomy, which is fundamental. Great masseuse and best person, humble.

Cristian Da Cunha, Physical Trainer CAFD, Andorra

After several days working on a high-profile project, my stress level was incredibly high. I met Ana for a massage and was not prepared to what was awaiting. My body was so tense, I thought I would simply relax a bit and take a break. What happened instead was incredible—I started to feel my muscles melt under each stroke of her massage. Her technique has no equal. I had numerous massages in my life but was speechless. I felt not only completely rejuvenated but also felt very much at peace. I want to see Ana every day for the rest of my life.

Alexandra Beucler, Los Angeles, USA

Ana successfully managed to combine softness and strength, not only through an excellent mastery of massage, but also through her personality. Little by little, I felt more relaxed and quickly, completely relaxed. A true moment of well-being that lasts much longer than the moment of massage. Because, a relaxed body is a healthy mind. Thank you Ana!

Laura Le Houerou, Chamonix, France

Our Facials

Our Facials

There is nothing more comforting than the confidence that comes from feeling and looking your best. Proper skincare is a wonderful pathway to achieve this, as the skin is the most visible and expressive part of our being. This is why, at Amma, we invite you to indulge in unique moments with our natural cosmetics, carefully blended with high-quality ingredients, including nourishing vegetable oils and essential oils. Revel in a personalized and toxin-free experience, offering a sense of well-being that resonates with you and your loved ones.

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Basic Facial Cleaning

Hygiene tailored to your skin type, free of impurities and with a uniform tone.

  • Eliminates blackheads.
  • Eliminates excess fat and toxins.
  • Smoother, softer, and more pleasant skin to the touch.
6060 min
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A treatment tailored to meet the unique needs of each skin type, delivering the nourishment of our handmade masks crafted from natural ingredients and enriched with high-quality essential oils. These oils, known for their potent properties, complement the treatment by providing intense hydration. The experience culminates with a soothing massage, leaving your skin with a healthy and radiant appearance, restoring the natural luminosity of your face.

  • Regenerates, revitalizes and hydrates the skin.
  • Eliminates impurities and dead cells.
  • Promotes self-esteem and confidence.
9080 min
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The Ying Yang

Embark on an exquisite journey that commences with the gentle release of stress from your face and shoulders, courtesy of warm stones thoughtfully designed for these areas. This soothing prelude prepares your skin for a rejuvenating deep muscle facial massage, promoting increased oxygen flow throughout the tissues. The journey concludes with the application of cool marble stones, working to minimize pores and reduce fine lines. This dynamic combination encourages your skin’s natural renewal, leaving you with deep hydration and a noticeably firmer visage.

  • Reduces expression lines.
  • Provides elasticity and luminosity.
  • Stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin.
7560 min
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Rose Serenity

Whether experienced on its own or as a complement to a full-body treatment, this is a genuine immersion in facial movements choreographed to the soothing rhythm of rose quartz Gua Sha. The ritual involves the application of a serum infused with essential oils tailored to your skin type, employing a holistic technique that energetically revitalizes your face. This unique experience aims to instil a sense of well-being and tranquillity.

  • Revitalize our face.
  • Relieve daily facial tension.
  • Improve circulation and oxygenation.
4530 min
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Wooden Facial Bliss

The varied sizes and shapes of the wooden pieces are designed to follow the different areas of the face and neckline, providing the necessary facial stimulation for a firming effect on our skin. This holistic approach results in an immediate rejuvenation effect.

  • Elevate cheekbones and eyelids.
  • Rejuvenating and relaxing effect.
  • Firms, shapes, and tones.
4530 min
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Gift Vouchers

Give unforgettable experiences with our gift vouchers!

  • Create Distinction: Our treatments are designed to captivate even the most discerning senses.
  • Celebrate Any Occasion: Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or corporate events; our certificates are perfect for any event.
  • Relaxing Experiences: Choose from a diverse array of treatments for a truly special gift.
  • Courses and Workshops: If your special someone loves to learn, explore our workshops in the enchanting world of essential oils!

Validity: Our Gift Certificate is valid for two months from its acquisition.

Our Salon


We highlight the beauty of your hands naturally, including nail modeling, cuticle removal, a light hydration massage and finishing with the application of your favorite nail polish.

2545-60 min
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Semi-Permanent Manicure

With the same care as a base manicure, but if what you want is to enhance the duration of your nail polish, this will be your best choice to achieve a longer-lasting perfect finish.

3545-60 min
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Spa Manicure

Savoring an aromatic elixir tea as an initial delight. This is followed by a rejuvenating exfoliation to renew your skin, and the application of a nourishing, revitalizing mask. To enhance your relaxation, enjoy a soothing massage on your hands and arms. Ending with your choice of base or semi-permanent manicure.

4560 min
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Pampering your feet is the secret to maintaining their softness and allure. Treat yourself to a nail modelling session, cuticle removal, and the application of your favourite polish. These steps will bring out the best version of yourself.

3560 min
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Semi-Permanent Pedicure

Receive the same care as a base pedicure, but if what you want is to enhance the duration of your nail polish, this will be your best choice to achieve a perfect finish for more than three weeks.

4560 min
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Spa Pedicure

An exclusive treatment that indulges you in a foot bath infused with mineral salts. Experience a gentle exfoliation, leaving your feet irresistibly soft. Followed by the application of a mask enriched with active ingredients to nourish the skin. The finale is a soothing leg and foot massage, aiming to release tension, enhance circulation, and foster a deep sense of relaxation. Complete the experience with a pedicure of your choice for the perfect finishing touch.

5560 min
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Eyelash Tinting

Say goodbye to daily use of mascara! With eyelash tinting there is no need to worry about looking fresh and radiant every day. This process consists of coloring the entire strand of the eyelash, from the roots to the tips, providing more volume, as well as intensifying the look for more than 6 weeks!

2030 min
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Permanent Eyelash Curling

With this method, what is achieved is to lift the eyelashes semi-permanently so that you can show off a stunning effect.

4545 min
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Lash Tint & Perm

Bid farewell to the daily hassle of applying mascara, as this innovative eyelash tinting solution eliminates the need for constant touch-ups. The process involves meticulously coloring each strand of the eyelash, from its roots to the tips, resulting in enhanced volume and intensified allure that lasts for over six weeks. Beyond the tint, this method also semi-permanently lifts the eyelashes, providing a stunning, wide-eyed effect that allows you to showcase captivating eyes without the need for continuous maintenance.

5560 min
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July 2024

How To Find Us

Your Home

For your convenience, we can come to your home. We will arrive ten minutes before your appointment with all the required equipment.

We recommend you not to eat at least two hours before the massage and wear comfortable clothes.

Open Hours

Monday to Friday
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Email: ana@ammamassages.com
WhatsApp: +376 67 80 80

Amma’s Place

We invite you to Av. de Sant Antoni 20, AD400, La Massana, Andorra. Please arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment.

We recommend not eating at least two hours before the session and wearing comfortable clothes.

Please note, we do not have a card machine. You can pay for your appointment in-person with cash or via bank transfer.

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