Vanessa Fidalgo


For over two decades, and after specializing in the field of aesthetics, Vanessa has cultivated her knowledge in various massage techniques and therapies, such as aromatherapy, quiromassage, lymphatic drainage, wood therapy, and reflexology.

Throughout this time, she has forged a dedicated path to assist her clients in restoring their natural balance. By applying specific techniques and channelling her expertise through her hands, she manages to create a unique connection that allows her to listen to the different physical and emotional aspects of the human body.

Her fascination with plants and essential oils enables her to share profound wisdom related to the power and properties of the alternative natural world. Consequently, Vanessa is committed to offering the best version of a healthy lifestyle, supported by the authenticity of natural cosmetics.


Currently | Professional Beautician and Masseuse
Amma Massages Bien Être, Andorra

2021-2024 | Founder
Magiaengota, Serveis D’estètica i Massatges Professionals

2016-2021 | Director del APH Club
Aph Club – Andorra Park Hotel

2010-2015 | Beautician and Masseuse
Perruqueria Estils

2006-2010 | Director of the Thermal Center
Centre Termal Hotel Roc Blanc

2006 | Beautician and Masseuse
Centre D’estètica Estudi Línea

2003-2006 | Beautician and Masseuse
Centre D’estètica Nova Imatge

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